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OwnThisGame.com brings to you Dino Hunt, a side scrolling runner.

In Dino Hunt, you play as a prehistoric man, trying to survive the dinosaurs by collecting food. Fight the dinosaurs by throwing your hammer and defeating them. Collect stars and red jewels on the way to get more points. Discover a whole new world with Dino Hunt.

Dino Hunt Features:

★ Run, jump and fight various dinosaurs, such as the pterodactyl, velociraptors and T-rex.
★ Collect food to survive and get points. Collect the stars and jewels for extra points.
★ Throw your hammer to fight and defeat the dinosaurs, so you can discover more of the world.
★ 100% free to play game.

Run through the stone age as you discover extinct dinosaurs such as the pterodactyl, velociraptors and T-Rex’s.

Collect food to survive and get points. Go for stars and red jewels for even more points. Find the magnet power up to collect food even faster, while you avoid the bombs.

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